What is Keyholding and Why do you need it?

The Keyholding service is designed for Protaras property owners who spend lots of time abroad or use their villa for vacation only. The main purpose of the service is to keep your property safe while you are away by providing regular security and functional inspections. Some of our keyholding packages include meet&greet service, as well as villa provisioning, for villa owners who rent out their property during the season. We can also design a package to meet your specific needs, such as managing garden or pool maintenance, monitoring reparation or construction work and many more.

Depending on your requests and package you choose, we can deliver service with different visit frequencies and activities ranging from the regular security and maintenance checks to welcoming your family members or your guests.

We work with a trusted pool of professionals who support us in all aspects of looking after your Villa, such as Pool Cleaners, Electricians, Plumbers, Gardeners or General Maintenance.
Let’s go through the main keyholding activities!

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Security inspection of the property

The most important activity of keyholding service is a regular security inspection of the property while you are away. We will check your estate, garage, garden, doors and windows, other objects on your estate (garden house). It is also essential to check whether the alarm system is functional or have there been a break and entry to your house/property. You can assign a keyholder as the first or second point of contact in the case of an emergency. This means that we can be the first or second to respond when the alarm is triggered. Our track record of a faster response to the alarm bell professionally and expertly proves our dedication to our duties.

Weekly inspection

To ensure the ideal safety and maintenance of your property, our experts run regular inspections of the property. The purpose is to ensure that there is no problem whatsoever. If any issue is suspected, then we make sure to carry out the maintenance as per your request.

Management and maintenance activities

Our Keyholding services are not just limited to the alarm system response. We can provide you top-quality management activities, including the arranging and monitoring of staff for maintenance and repairs, monitoring of contractors or gardening, checking water tank levels, the arrangement of water delivery, supervision of pool cleaning and maintenance, etc. If we encounter any issues at your property, we can make sure to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Cleaning services

Our Keyholding services can include top-quality cleaning services, as well. We can arrange, hire and monitor the best cleaning and maintenance professionals on the island. Our experts are well-equipped & trained to keep your property neat and prepare it for you or your guests.

and more

If you have specific needs that are not included in our packages, contact us, and we will design a tailor-made package for you!

Bill Payments

Open an Account with a pre arranged Holding Balance and we can pay your municipal bills such Water, Electricity, Sewerage, Rates or Cyta Telephone etc. Or send us the Amounts via PayPal or any other Option. Receipts etc will be provided.

Please contact us You will find our Rates very competetive!